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“It’s really surprising about the children who became quite vocal… I saw some real progress.”

– Year 6 teacher

After taking part in a Cap-a-Pie project:

  • 100% of teachers said that pupils who did not typically engage in lessons did so more often
  • 95% of the pupils we worked with felt confident to share their ideas

Our work has been shown to develop students’:

  • Critical and higher order thinking
  • Speaking and listening skills
  • Subject knowledge
  • Confidence in expressing their opinion and participating in classroom discussions 

Working with Cap-a-Pie will see your students:

  • Learn about exciting topics they care about. We work with teachers and students to decide what our workshops should focus on.
  • Extend and develop their learning from the curriculum.
  • Connect with experts and researchers from world-class universities. 
  • Have fun working creatively with their peers and our skilled facilitators. 

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“My SEND children who find the reading and writing side difficult, their thinking skills really developed because they had the confidence and subject knowledge to be able to contribute, whether that was to just give an opinion or justify it. It was amazing for them.”

– Year 6 teacher


Take a look at our resources helping you to deliver creative workshops in your classroom.

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