Develop students’ critical thinking, speaking and listening through an exciting immersive theatre project for your classroom.

An exciting Dramatic Enquiry project for Key Stage 2. We’ve taken inspiration from the history of the English Civil War to develop an immersive and engaging project combining Philosophy for Children and Drama. Your learners will be placed in role as people with decisions to make and great responsibility for their fellow citizens.

We’ve designed this project so it can be delivered completely independently by Key Stage 2 teachers. Below you can access all the resources you need to deliver the project. The resources include lesson plans, presentations and films which bring to life the world of the Arcadian Civil War.

We’ve road tested the project with schools and teachers and we’re confident you will have everything you need to run the project. However, if you need anything please get in touch with us.

Access the Resources

Please note: We’ve made these plans and resources available exclusively for teachers to deliver activity with their own class of students. If you would like to use these resources in any other way please get in touch with us.

Download the lesson plans, PowerPoints and other resources

Impact for students

This project has been shown to develop

  • Critical and higher order thinking
  • Speaking and listening
  • Subject knowledge
  • Confidence in expressing their opinion and participating in classroom discussions. 

Teachers said that the pupils who did not typically engage in lessons did so more often. 

  • ‘My SEND children who find the reading and writing side difficult, their thinking skills really developed because they had the confidence and subject knowledge to be able to contribute, whether that was to just give an opinion or justify it. It was amazing for them.’  – Teacher
  • ‘It’s really surprising about the children who became quite vocal during that and you saw some real progress.’  – Teacher

The Team

Directed & Created by
Brad McCormick

Produced by
Katy Vanden

Performed by
Christina Berriman Dawson
Adam Donaldson
Ree Collins
Liam Scarth

Film by
Lindsay Duncanson
Mark Gabrysch

Radio show design by
Calum Perrin

Story consultancy by
Gwilym Lawrence

Evaluation by
Ulrike Thomas

Created with Sara Bird & Gillian Johnson, Education Outreach officers at Special Collections and Professor Rachel Hammersley, Newcastle University

Thanks to our Funders

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