How to make a compliant or raise a concern about our work

We’re sorry that you haven’t had a positive experience with Cap-a-Pie. 

Please get in touch with us if you have a complaint about the experience you’ve had with Cap-a-Pie or you have a concern about our work. We really value feedback and want to understand what’s gone wrong so we can do better in the future. 

Making an informal complaint 

You are very welcome to raise a complaint or concern informally with anyone at Cap-a-Pie. Our staff will aim to address your complaint or concern and make changes as quickly as possible.

Making a formal complaint

If you’d like to make a formal complaint you can get in touch with either senior members of staff, or the chair of our board of trustees.

All email addresses are available on this page and our Contact Us page. If you would prefer to speak on the phone or meet in person, please email us and we will arrange a time to meet with you.

Unless our Producer is the subject of your complaint or concern, we’d appreciate it if you could contact them in the first instance, as they will be best placed to take next steps. 


If you request anonymity, we will do our best to ensure your identity remains confidential beyond the person with whom you have raised the initial concern. Please be aware there may be times that we will need to share your identity with others.

What happens next

After you make a complaint or raise a concern you can expect the following things to happen. 

  1. We will acknowledge your contact within 48 hours, unless the person you contact is on annual leave, in which case you should receive an automated response to let you know when they will be next available. If your concern or complaint is urgent, please feel free to get in touch with an alternative contact at Cap-a-Pie. 
  2. We may ask you some follow up questions so we can better understand what’s happened. We will also conduct an internal investigation into what has happened. 
  3. Within a week we will hold a meeting between four trustees/senior staff members (excluding any trustees or staff members who are the subject of your complaint/concern). 
  4. During the meeting we will work to reach a resolution. As far as possible you will be included in these discussions and in any situation a range of options will be shared with you for you to comment on before a decision is reached.
  5. We aim to provide you with a resolution as soon as possible, but there might be times when we need to pause and take time to consider the best way forward. If this is the case, we will share a timetable for when you can expect us to reach a resolution.

Appealing our decision

If you aren’t satisfied with the course of action we have suggested, you can appeal the decision within 14 days of the decision being shared with you. 

To hear your appeal we will assemble a committee including two trustees who weren’t part of the original decision making and an external partner who will help us to work objectively and may also help us fill any gaps in knowledge or understanding at Cap-a-Pie that prevent us fully understanding your complaint/concern. 

We will work with you to choose a suitable external partner. We will suggest two potential partners for you to choose from and you can suggest third choice. We will aim to mutually agree an external partner, but in the case we can’t agree Cap-a-Pie’s board of trustees will have the final say. 

Your appeal will be considered by the committee within 4 weeks and a decision will be communicated to you. You will not be able to appeal this decision through Cap-a-Pie.

You can also make a complaint about our work to other bodies including: 

The Charity Commission

The Information Commissioners Office

Organisation reflection 

It’s important that Cap-a-Pie senior staff and trustees take the time to reflect, learn and understand what we can do better. Each complaint or concern, and how we have responded to it, plus any response from you, will be shared and discussed at Cap-a-Pie’s next trustee meeting. 

Contact details & further information

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