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Woven Bones


Woven Bones Photo credit: Keith Pattison

Cap-a-Pie in partnership with Durham University

Written by Laura Lindow

A must see. – Living North

Powerful and poignant – Andrew Bramfitt

“Amazing, poignant telling of the story of Scottish soldiers found buried in Durham. This is the history I wish I had studied!”

“Absolutely captivating story and performance.”

When human remains were found in Durham in 2013, archaeologists discovered that they belonged to the Scottish Soldiers – prisoners of war from the 1650 Battle of Dunbar who were marched to Durham and imprisoned in the then-disused Cathedral and Castle.

What has emerged is a story of suffering and hope that will make you think about where you live in a completely different way.

Developed in partnership with Durham University alongside a major new exhibition in summer 2018, Woven Bones brings to life the untold stories of these Scottish Soldiers. This brand new Cap-a-Pie production written by Laura Lindow offers a unique chance to walk in their shoes. Woven Bones toured from Dunbar to Durham, the route marched by the soldiers, in 2018.

The cast and creative team of Woven Bones. Photo credit: North News and Pictures

Cast and creatives

Writer Laura Lindow is an award winning Scottish writer/director based in the North East of England. During 20 years of making theatre in the region she has established a reputation for creating work that is lyrical yet punchy with a serious sense of play. As an author who is able to talk about cheap viagra. Recent writing credits include her critically acclaimed War of the Worlds adaptation for Northern Stage – a process which also involved researching local history to relocate the story to the North East of England; and she is currently a member of the Royal Court Writers Group. Directing credits include New York Times Critics Pick, Key Change for Open Clasp.

The cast are: Gemma Stroyan – from East Lothian, Gemma was nominated for an Off West End award for her role Emilia in Othello, has performed at the Lyceum and appeared on TV in Taggart and as Sciron in CBBC’s Last Commanders; Paula Penman – originally from Ayrshire and now based in Newcastle, Paula has worked as a performer, director and theatre maker, most notably for Northern Stage (The Little Detective Agency), Live Theatre (Donna Disco, Rat Boy), Bush Theatre (Brown Bird) and The Lowry (Then Leap) and her participatory work has also led to collaborations with National Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company; and Greig Adam – based in Glasgow, Greig started his professional training on the Musical Theatre Course at the Dance School of Scotland before continuing at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, where he won the Prize for Musical Theatre; his work includes Sleeping Beauty (Citizens Theatre) and Miracle on 34 Parnie Street (Tron Theatre).

Writer – Laura Lindow
Director – Brad McCormick
Music – Katie Doherty
Design – Anna Reid
Producer – Katy Vanden
Production Manager – Rachel Glover
Cast – Gemma Stroyan
Cast – Greig Adam
Cast – Paula Penman



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The Other City – Free Audio Theatre


COVID-19 We originally planned to perform this show on the 27/28 April 2020 at Alphabetti Theatre, but had to cancel due to COVID-19. We hope to have new dates soon.

Or, download The Other City now and start listening.


You can also listen on Acast and TuneIn.

Open your eyes, really open them and listen.

How often do you really notice the city around you? Cities today are so big, so complex and so busy that our brains have to shut things out just to survive. The Other City invites you to take those blinkers off – to see what we don’t usually notice, to pay attention to what’s really there.

Start listening to the podcast outside in a city centre and begin your journey. You will be by yourself in the city so please take care especially crossing roads. Be aware of your surroundings and don’t do anything that makes you or anyone else feel uncomfortable.

With the development of the Internet, the city has become even more distant from us, now any goods and even a tablet of Cialis can be ordered via the Internet.

“I really LOVED how mindful the experience was. I also loved watching/observing the city, stepping back from it and taking my own journey which did not involve running from one place to the other”

We’d love to know what you thought of The Other City. Let us know here.

The Team

Produced by Katy Vanden for Cap-a-Pie
Directed by Gwilym Lawrence
Written by Brad McCormick
Performed by Giselle Nirenburg
Audio by Sean Cotterill
Co-created with Dr Matt Davies, Newcastle University.

Thanks to Tassos Stevens, Coney and Hannah Bruce for help and guidance in creating this show.

Thanks to our Funders

Six Legs

Six Legs

There’s a secret world all around us – the world of insects. Create a magical garden and the insects might just come out to play. They’ll tell you their stories, show you their world and teach you how to see like they see, hear like they hear, sing like the crickets, speak like the bees and catch flies like the praying mantis.

Six Legs is an imaginative and original theatre show for 4-7 year olds and their families. Find out about the amazing world of insects through puppetry, performance and plenty of chances for the audience to join in and help create the show.

In summer 2015 Cap-a-Pie worked with an insect scientist called Dr Vivek Nityananda, two actors and lots and lots of children and families at an urban farm in Newcastle. In Summer 2016 Cap-a-Pie returned to the farm with a show featuring insects from all around the world and creative ideas from the heart of the North East.

Audience Feedback

“Ingenious use of everyday objects”, “Brilliant show, fantastic acting, very imaginative.”, “Wonderful narrative. LOVED IT!”, “The composition, the Actors, the presentation, the wit. It was truly amazing.”

The Team

Produced by Katy Vanden for Cap-a-Pie                                                                                            Written and Directed by Brad McCormick                                                                                     Performed by Hannah Goudie and Aron de Casmaker

Devised by the company in collaboration with Dr Vivek Nityananda, Newcastle University

Set design by Nina Scott with help from Rachel Owen                                                            Composition by Katie Doherty

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Newcastle UniversityPrint

The Important Man

The Important Man

‘The Important Man’ is a University of Hertfordshire Arts (UHArts) Production in collaboration with Cap-a-Pie.

‘The Important Man’ is about belief being tested, set at a time when the advances in science seemed as otherworldly as the supernatural.

Set in the First World War, the show will give you an insight into part of the war you probably haven’t heard of. There was a massive increase in people going to see fortune tellers – everyone from servants to generals wanted to know what was going to happen.

Every time you think you know where the story is going there’s a false bottom, or a hidden door. It’s a story based on real people at a time when magic had a real function in people’s lives.

Although the brutal battles of the trenches are ever present this is a story that focuses on the people who aren’t at war, who are left behind, who are preparing to go or have returned.

If the people you cared about the most were in danger what would you do? What is under your control and what isn’t? What do you grab hold of when faith is slipping away.

The Team

Produced by Katy Vanden for Cap-a-Pie
Directed by Laura Lindow
Performed and scripted by Brad McCormick
Designed by Imogen Cloët
Devised by the company in collaboration with Professor Owen Davies (witchcraft and fortune-telling expert) from Everyday Lives in War First World War Engagement Centre, University of Hertfordshire.
Stage Managed by Rachel Glover
Directed in an R&D phase by Gwilym Lawrence.

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The Important Man

The Important Man

The Town Meeting

The Town Meeting

Download our Case Study for The Town Meeting

The Town Meeting is a performance where you get the chance to experience what it feels like to be part of a community facing a life changing decision.

Set in a fictional town you become a local resident and work together to save your town. You’re in charge of the story as you take big decisions to decide your own future.

It gets you to think about our fast changing political landscape and your place in it. The show brings people together and gives you a chance to speak and listen to different views and opinions.

Audience Feedback & Reviews

People have said the show was:

“An excellent experience. I felt lucky to be part of it.”,

“What just happened?! So different, interesting and engaging. Enjoyable & thought provoking.”, 

“a curious and adventurous piece…happily nothing like your average night out in the theatre” – British Theatre Guide 

“brilliant – entertaining and interesting… didn’t want it to end!” and “rage inducing”!

Winner of  the Sir Peter Hall Award for Wider Engagement from The Royal Town Planning Institute

Listen to a podcast about the show here.


Would you like The Town Meeting in your theatre, community venue or school (or any other largish room)? Please contact Katy Vanden – or 07796 478 024 for our venue information pack.

The Team

Produced by Katy Vanden for Cap-a-Pie.
Performed by Brad McCormick.
Directed by Gwilym Lawrence.
Devised and written by the company in collaboration with Dr Paul Cowie from Newcastle University, whose research looks at how communicates come together to represent themselves.

Designed by Rhona Dalling.

Extra set – Year 6 pupils Benton Dene Primary, Emma & Anna Cowie.


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