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Studio Blog – Samuel

April 23rd, 2014


Drawn from bits of what we have been through these weeks, I scribbled down a piece that might summarise, introduce or give an idea of all what we are up about:

Unbelievably it might seem
Unbelievably it might seem, it’s been a journey
It’s been a while since I left home and after 12 weeks
It just dawned on me now how much I miss it (home)
I miss my mom, my dad, my siblings (family) and friends
In a time like this where the weather is so cold, not even hot just windy
A hot spicy soup will do just fine
Some couple of pints with my mates will be mint
Right now I even feel like having fish and chips
But here I am in this space of unknown mystery known as an island
Where ideas from different cracks of the planet converge
Should I stay or should I leave, should I invite you in or should I experience it alone
Sometimes I want to chant but I haven’t got the rules
Sometime I want to communicate to the outside world with no sounds or gestures
But just by staring into your eyes
Sometimes I want to express my feeling in different researches but I haven’t got the right words to make you understand exactly how I feel
I guess that’s why I want to major in linguistics so I can tell you in any language known to mankind how I feel.
But here I am standing with no slippers, to tell you
It’s yours to accept and build
But don’t ruin it like Chinese whispers
In my hands are tools of theatre and drama to inform you of what I feel
It might not make sense to you but at least I told you

Pidgin translation
E don reach beta 12 weeks since I waka from my area
Na now way, e just reach me say I de miss my place die
I miss my maley, my old boy, my sister, brother and my men dem
For this kind time way na so so cold and breeze de blow person no beta sun sef
Beta hot pepper soup go make sense die
Some bottles of odekwu with my men dem no go bad at all
As e be now, e be like say make I chop bole, fried fish and pkekere, all join
But see me na, I de here, for place way I no know how e be
Where people way sabi book from different village come gather
Make I stay, abi make I waka, make I call you make you join me or make I do am alone
Na wao, Sometimes I want halla but I no fit shout because I no sabi
Sometimes I no need talk or shake body for us to reason ourselves
As I look inside your eye, you go understand me one hand
Sometimes I want tell you how e de pepper me for body but I no sabi the right language to take tell you my story
Naem make I wan go learn different language even the one way ya grand gran papa know so I go fit tell you as e de do me for body
But see me na, I de here to tell you my mind I no wear slippers
Na your hand  e day to take or troway wetin I tell you
But no spoil am like china phone oo
See inside my hand na theatre and drama naem I wan take tell this things as e de do me for body
E fit no make sense for your eye o, but at least I don tell you my mind, no talk say I no tell you

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