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Studio Blog – Gordon

February 10th, 2014


Funny session the other night. It was obvious that some of us felt uncomfortable and, instinctively that doesn’t feel like success, particularly from my perspective. It doesn’t feel like success but does that mean that the session was a failure? None of us have sat down yet and actually defined what success for the Performing Research group is.

On one level its wonderful to hear that everybody’s had a great time, felt creative, and are feeling energised and inspired. For my part, I probably have, in my virtual toolbox, enough tools, exercises and strategies to do that, but Katy said something at the end of the desert romance Thursday that has asked questions of this philosophy of keeping everyone “happy”.

The point I want to make is that we (Cap-a-Pie team) are really “researchers” and participants in this group just like you. To find out things that we don’t already know will require us to take risks and do things that we haven’t already done. Of course, there are one or two things that I would have done differently – particularly in relation to providing more of a structure through which your creative improvisations could emerge. Sometimes it’s a challenge to judge how much structure will lead to flowing spontaneity and how much will suffocate.

Rest assured that I have reflected on this session and that those insights will hopefully improve the balance between the fixed and the fluid. I hope I have all of your support when I choose to go “off piste” and attempt to combine your research approaches, strategies and themes. If I have, then I believe that we will all be more inspired, more creative and ultimately our work will be more successful.

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