“I don’t think that Ferro was trashing the architectural profession, he just imagines architects working together with building people instead of just telling them what to do from the outside.”

Silke Kapp in Episode 1, Introducing Ferro

A new series of audio shows inspired by the work of researchers from Translating Ferro/Translating Knowledges, or TF/TK, a joint Brazil/UK research project.

Cap-a-Pie is working with the TF/TK team to share their work in a series of audio shows. The first episode is out now and features Silke Kapp introducing Sérgio Ferro’s life and work.

New episodes will be released later this year. Sign up to our mailing list for a reminder.


The TF/TK team is translating into English the work of Brazilian–French architect, Sérgio Ferro. Ferro explores the relationship between architects and builders and shows that the builders have very little opportunity for creativity or making decisions within their work.

As well as translating the work of Ferro, the TF/TK team are developing new ideas for how buildings can be constructed in responsible and just ways. This is especially important as we deal with natural resources running out and ever more division in our communities.

The Team

Produced by
Katy Vanden for Cap-a-Pie

Directed and Written by
Brad McCormick

Music by
Roma Yagnik

Sound Design and Edit
Calum Perrin

Created with researchers from
Translating ferro/Translating Knowledges a joint Brazil/UK research project

Thanks to our Funders

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