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“Part of what we’re doing with commemoration and with the arts is in that famous phrase ‘lest we forget’. We’re trying to remember what war means, we’re trying to preserve some recollection of it for the generations that are to come. Perhaps there’s inner hope that they won’t suffer what those generations who went before have suffered. And so we preserve battle sites, we have war graves – imperial and then the commonwealth war graves.”

– Margaret MacMillan’s 2018 Reith Lecture

In autumn 2019 Cap-a-Pie worked with pupils from Carville and Chilingham Road Primary Schools. We explored how and why we remember the First World War.

First the students learnt about different ways people remember the First World War. They looked at poetry and painting and visited memorials at Newcastle University.

Students worked with Brad McCormick and Ree Collins to create their own pieces of theatre. The students then performed their shows to friends and family at Whitley Bay Playhouse.

“The children grew in confidence as the week went on! The project was accessible for all so all children made progress whether through their knowledge of the history, drama or PSHE skills.”

– Teacher

Project delivered by

Ree Collins

Lindsay Duncanson

Special Collections Education Outreach Team from Newcastle University, Carville and Chillingham Road Primary Schools

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