6. Module 1 continued.

The Dramatic Enquiry in sections:


In small groups students produce freeze-frames to represent snapshots from Fizziwig’s life to see what kind of pig she was, such as: 

  • Fizziwig winning ‘Pig of the Year.’ 
  • Fizziwig as a piglet. 
  • Fizziwig meeting a famous person. 


Spend a couple of minutes thinking of other moments from Fizziwig’s life that could be immortalised in freeze-frame form.  Freeze-frames are very useful in this context – even if the students are unfamiliar with the form it’s easy to explain, the students usually have fun working and creating together, and in a class of 20-30 students you immediately have 4-5 still images of Fizziwig to help fill out the fictional world. 

New information 

Next the students learn some new information. Press ‘play’ on the video below to see Farmer Stuckey reveal that new information. 

Video Text 

“I’ve just got off the phone and the CCTV shows that Fizziwig wasn’t stolen…she left of her own accord. She chose to leave!” 

The new information provokes the students to think differently about the situation. In this enquiry they now start to form new questions: 

  • Is Fizziwig better outside of the farm where she’s free but potentially vulnerable? 
  • Or is it better for her to be in the farm where she’s captive but safe?  

Processing this new information through drama 

From here the students are asked to come up with ideas on how to deal with the Fizziwig situation. But Farmer Stuckey isn’t completely impressed with them as you can see in the film below: 

Video Text 

Look, those are nice ideas, but I think you’re thinking too much like humans, you need to think like pigs! 

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