5. Module 1 – The Structure of a Dramatic Enquiry Continued

Play the film below to find out more about the ‘Fizziwig the Pig’ Dramatic Enquiry. 

Video Text 

Fizziwig the Pig’ was first delivered in 2015 to students in year 2.  

The enquiry is centered around a celebrity pig named Fizziwig who has gone missing from the urban farm where she lives. The students are endowed as ‘pig experts’ who complete various exercises in order to help locate and then decide what to do with Fizziwig.  

In ‘Fizziwig the Pig’, the facilitator is in role as Farmer Stuckey who tends to Fizziwig daily.  

The students are world-renowned Pig Experts (or ‘Pigxperts’ as they were called). In the fictional world they know everything there is to know about pigs and will be the best people to try and figure out what had happened to Fizziwig. 

The enquiry begins with the revelation that Fizziwig the Pig has disappeared from the urban farm, presumably stolen. Firstly, the students need to know more about the pig in question and why everyone needed to think about how to get her back home. Press ‘play’ on the next film to see Farmer Stuckey telling us a bit more about Fizziwig: 

Video Text 

“Fizziwig the pig, resident of the Riverside Farm…has disappeared. And this is no ordinary pig.  Fizziwig has won every pig prize going including ‘Pig of the Year’ 4 years running – she’s a national treasure.” 

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