3. Previous Projects

Some of Cap-a-Pie’s previous theatre productions include:

Six Legs

An interactive show for Key Stage 1 that celebrates the world of insects and their senses. 

Climate Change Catastrophe!

A collaboration between Cap-a-Pie, engineers from Newcastle University and KS2 students to make a show together about climate change. The performance was shown as part of COP26, the UN climate change conference. An amazing opportunity for the views of local young people to be heard as part of this international event.

The Important Man

A one-man show about the rise in popularity of fortune telling during the First World War. See a short documentary about this show below: 

Play the video below to find out about a previous Dramatic Enquiry project.

Video text 
An example of a Dramatic Enquiry that we created recently is ‘Fizziwig the Pig’. We worked with a researcher with expertise in animal geographies to create an enquiry that made the students think about how we interact with the natural world. 

In the first module you’ll be taken through the structure of that enquiry. From there, we’ll give you an introduction to the enquiry that you are about to undertake with your class – ‘The Arcadian Civil War’. The final modules will give you the opportunity to create your own Dramatic Enquiry

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