23. Module 3, part 3 continued.


Once you have your question you can start a philosophical discussion.  

Below are some step-by-step instructions on how to run a philosophical discussion (these are like the instructions laid out in Lesson 1 of ‘The Arcadian Civil War’).

Firstly, give the students a little bit of independent thinking time. 

Now ask for some first thoughts from some students – what is their basic gut reaction to the question? 

Then open the discussion out and ask for more detailed responses. You may ask the students to help define the terms. 

Here are some example prompt questions you might like to use during the discussion: 
– Who can add something? 
– Do you agree or disagree? 
– Can you say why you think that? 
– Does anyone have a different thought? 
– Can you say a bit more? 

Lastly, end on a final round where students can express any final thoughts that they have. 


Some rules for the discussion could be: 
You don’t have to talk but you must listen. 
If you would like to speak, put your hand into a fist with the thumb up and place it on your knee (as opposed to hands up).


Decide how you will run your discussion and write down a few notes to remind yourself. 

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