16. Module 3, part 1 continued.


What are the themes you’ll be exploring? (ie. what is at the heart of the enquiry? For Fizziwig it was whether safety was preferable to freedom). 


Spend a few minutes now thinking about some themes of your scenario. Try to write down between 5 and 10 examples. 


It may be helpful to schedule in a lesson to prepare your students for the DE – both with key vocabulary and discussion practice: 

‘The Arcadian Civil War’ came with a Knowledge Organiser which focussed on key vocabulary linked to the project. The idea was for students to explore this before the project began and to have access to it during the workshops – during discussions they could improve their responses and questions by using these words where they could. 


Spend a few minutes listing down some words that you feel a) may need to be defined for your students, and b) could enhance their contributions during discussions. This can act as the basis for your own Knowledge Organiser. 

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