13. Module 3, part 1 – create your own enquiry

In this section you will create the scenario and introduction for your Dramatic Enquiry.

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Welcome to part 1 of module 3 of this course on Dramatic Enquiry. We’ll be taking you through steps to conceive your own DE that you could use with your students. 

Dramatic Enquiries can be of any length, from an hour or two through to several days.  
The first step is to think about what topic your enquiry will cover. What you are looking for is something that has a key ethical dilemma, with the pros and cons of different options able to be debated

Below are some prompts to get your started with your scenario: 

  • Are you working on a topic now in class that you think could work in a DE? 
  • Is there a piece of local history or heritage that you could bring to life? 
  • Is there a news story or current event that your students feel passionately about – for example, climate change? 

You could also look at the ‘Archives Alive’ short course put together by the Education Officers at the Newcastle University Library. This is a brilliant course about how to use historical objects and artefacts in the classroom, and there may be some helpful inspiration in there for you when devising your own Dramatic Enquiry. 

Archives Alive’ contains links to excellent resources related to a wide variety of historical periods. 

As an example, it links to Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums’ ‘Box of Delights’ – boxes of objects from specific time periods that can be borrowed and used in schools. The box related to Victorian Childhood could inspire a DE about the rights of children or the concept of growing up. 

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