12. Module 2 continued.

Cross-curricular lessons 

We included this part of the project to immerse the students in the world of the English Civil War as much as possible, especially if the project was being completed in a 1 or 2 week block. Have a think about what other lessons and topics you need to cover during the time you are delivering this project. Are there any that could be delivered in the world of Arcadia? We’ve given some examples in the resources.  


Any timings mentioned in the lesson plans are purely estimates. The length of exercises and lessons may differ depending on your students. Please feel free to expand and contract these as you see you fit. 

If you have a live Q&A with staff at Newcastle University Library this will be a fixed appointment during the project. If you happen to complete the lessons leading up to this well before the allotted time, please feel free to continue to work your way through the lessons – this will not affect the project outcomes or workshop narrative.

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