1. Dramatic Enquiry: how to bring ‘Philosophy 4 Children’ and drama into the classroom

Course Summary

‘Dramatic Enquiry’ (DE) combines ‘Philosophy 4 Children’ and theatre and drama. DE places students in role as experts who must grapple with a difficult ethical and moral situation. It encourages them to express and justify their opinions and make difficult choices. 

In this course you’ll be learning how DE are structured and created and be given the opportunity to devise your own. 

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Course duration 
3 hours 

Play the video below for an introduction by Brad McCormick, the company’s Artistic Director. 

Video Text

Hello, my name is Brad McCormick, I’m the artistic director of theatre company Cap-a-Pie. Welcome to our short course on ‘Dramatic Enquiry’. This is a methodology that we’ve been working with for many years. It combines theatre and drama and Philosophy 4 Children and it’s a great way to get your students to think about and talk about really big ideas and themes. 

The beginning module will give you a little bit of context into what Cap-a-Pie does and has done as a company, especially as it relates to our work in education and creating Dramatic Enquiries. 

From there we’ll take you through a version of a Dramatic Enquiry that we’ve done with KS1 pupils. 

The next module will give you some tips and advice on delivering a Dramatic Enquiry with your class. We have developed a full resource pack including lesson plans, films and slide presentations so that you can deliver a Dramatic Enquiry with your class and try out teaching this approach. 

Then finally you’ll be given space to create an outline of your own Dramatic Enquiry that you can try with your class. 

I’ll be taking you through the course. There will be more videos like this one as well as some written resources and activities for you to complete.   

Why not see if other teachers in your school might be interested in taking part in the course with you? That way you will have someone to share ideas with. 

We hope you enjoy the course. 

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