Performing Research

An innovative collaboration between theatre company Cap-a-Pie and Newcastle University, bringing together the newest ideas with theatre.

Between 2013 and 2017 Cap-a-Pie, alongside Newcastle University, explored how theatre could help researchers do their research differently. We found out that theatre was a powerful way to involve people in academic research.

Cap-a-Pie ran a programme of theatre-based creative workshops for anyone conducting research at Newcastle University. Researchers from all disciplines attended – from medics to fine artists, computer scientists to creative writers.

The researcher were then teamed up with some of the most exciting performing artists in the region including Martin HyltonLaura Lindow, Hannah Goudie and Rebecca Louise Collins. At the end of the series of workshops the researchers performed new pieces of theatre based on their research at Northern Stage.

This project has been shown to be an excellent way to give researchers a deeper understanding of their research and how to engage with the public but also creates opportunities for professional and personal development and promotes an inter-disciplinary culture for both artist and researchers.

Thanks to our Funders

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