My students’ understanding of human geography overall has drastically increased and their curiosity is such that we seem to always we returning to conversations around sand mining, water and co-existing with wildlife amongst other things. 

Cap-a-Pie’s Deltas engages Key Stage 1 and 2 young people in learning about Asian mega-deltas and thinking about their own relationship to nature and the planet. 

Cap-a-Pie worked with the Living Deltas Research Hub to create the project.

The project has been very successful in engaging primary school students in learning about deltas and developing new understandings around their relationship to nature. 

One young person said the project had made them realise, “How much we need water and how life depends on it”. Another said, ““When we get water everyday it’s easy but for others it’s not.”


Would you like to book the Deltas project for your school? Email us using the link below.

The Team

Created by
Brad McCormick

Produced by
Katy Vanden

Created with researchers from the Living Deltas Research Hub.

Curriculum Links

KS1 and KS2 Geography

Thanks to our Funders and Partners

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