Coal Mining & Climate Change

A new school resource pack for Key Stage 2. Investigating the history of coal mining in the North East and the current climate crisis. 

A project for Key Stage 2 students created with local history and climate change experts.

Students will:

  • Learn about the history of coal mining. 
  • Learn about the amazing technological developments created by engineers in the North East. 
  • Learn about the current climate crisis.
  • Learn  about solutions for the climate crisis. 
  • Think about how they can influence change. 

Background to the project

During the industrial revolution, the North East was home to astounding technological developments. These developments had positive and negative effects. What happened changed people’s lives, both in the past and today. 

“It is not until we reach Silicon Valley that there is another such concentration of globally important (and massively profitable) innovation in one ‘tight’ physical location during one short time period”. 

Professor John Tomaney of UCL

Today, engineers are finding ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They are also helping us to live with our changing climate. 

We know young people are very concerned about climate change. This project will help them understand how climate change happened. They will also think about how people can work together to create change.

The Team

Project created by
Brad McCormick

In collaboration with
Meryl Batchelder
Sara Bird
Alistair Ford
Gillian Johnson
Peter Stark

Film & Edit by
Lindsay Duncanson

Graphic Design by
Wayne Gamble

Special thanks to
David Kidd
The Common Room

Thanks to our Funders

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