Animate Materials

The drama-focused activities really helped to bring out a side in some individuals that might not be seen too often. Overall the workshops provide a memorable experience for children which is an invaluable asset.

Teacher Chillingham Road Primary School

This project inspires Key Stage 2 students to learn about the future of materials chemistry and think about what, if any, safeguards should be put in place to control what decisions technology can make for us.

Ever wondered what it would be like if the roads we used could heal themselves? Or if your dining table could heat your food up? 

Animate materials are a new type of material that can react to what is happening around them. Simple animate materials are already with us, for example the lenses in glasses that change from clear glass to shaded based on light levels. 

Some scientists are working on how to make these materials even smarter, aiming to create materials that can make their own decisions, a bit like the artificial intelligence that controls self-driving cars. 

Free resource for Schools

Download a FREE introductory lesson plan on Animate Materials. Suitable for Year 5 & 6 students.

Please note: We’ve made these plans and resources available exclusively for teachers to deliver activity with their own class of students. If you would like to use these resources in any other way please get in touch with us.

We’ve road tested the project with schools and teachers and we’re confident you will have everything you need to run the project. However, if you need anything please get in touch with us.

The Team

Created by
Brad McCormick

Produced by
Katy Vanden

Performed by
Mahsa Hammat Bahary and Jeannnie May

Film and edit by
Lindsay Duncanson

Created with
Professor Steven Cobb and Dr Lorraine Coghill, Durham University

Thanks to our Funders

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