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Post War Women

In summer 2019 Cap-a-Pie worked with two schools in Newcastle to explore the heritage of Post War Women. After delivering a project previously on women’s role in the First World War we were keen to find out what happened next for women after the war ended.

We investigated women’s work, home life, war effort as well suffrage.

A teacher we worked with said;

The students really enjoyed the experience and learned a lot without realising it. It definitely encouraged a higher level of thinking about voting – probably not something they had given much consideration to before. Their confidence in performance and speaking in front of their peers also grew.”


Cap-a-Pie in collaboration with Year 5 children at Hotspur Primary School and Year 5 & 6 pupils Christ Church Primary School in the East End of Newcastle as well as Dr Stacy Gillis and Janet Longbottom.

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