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Performing Research Blog – Clare Deal

February 10th, 2014


Taking the work I have been immersed in over the past few months out of the library and on to the stage brought about a freshness I had not anticipated. Partly because I had to consider which the main aspects of the research were and how I could convey these without the formal constraints of an essay. This helped enormously in making it more clear in my own mind what I was doing and where I was going with it. The different perspectives people brought to the work were brilliant, it is so easy to get stuck inside your own head when writing on one particular topic, and questions such as why I was actually studying it, whether I had considered different character’s perspectives within the novel and whether I believed it was at all relevant to today’s world made me re-consider the work in a whole new light. It was so refreshing, and made me remember how I had seen the novel when I had first read it. I loved the games we played based on the research, drawing out the mirroring and the power structures and playing with them physically. The 10 time repetition of the improvised game with silent breaks between each section was fascinating, in relation to the novel, in that in each repetition similar aspects reappeared, we found ourselves searching for a leader, a powerful figure, who did not necessarily envisage being considered as such, we also came back each time to conflict, a competition of sorts was present each time. Without language to justify our actions, the power was placed on the physical actions, which in a sense had to justify themselves. This created scenes which moved quickly, constantly acting and reacting to others in the group, accepting offers and continuing or challenging the action. It was a brilliant way to bring a fresh view to an essay which needed a new viewpoint.

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