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Six Legs

Six Legs

There’s a secret world all around us – the world of insects. Create a magical garden and the insects might just come out to play. They’ll tell you their stories, show you their world and teach you how to see like they see, hear like they hear, sing like the crickets, speak like the bees and catch flies like the praying mantis.

Six Legs is an imaginative and original theatre show for 4-7 year olds and their families. Find out about the amazing world of insects through puppetry, performance and plenty of chances for the audience to join in and help create the show.

In summer 2015 Cap-a-Pie worked with an insect scientist called Dr Vivek Nityananda, two actors and lots and lots of children and families at an urban farm in Newcastle. In Summer 2016 Cap-a-Pie returned to the farm with a show featuring insects from all around the world and creative ideas from the heart of the North East.

Audience Feedback

“Ingenious use of everyday objects”, “Brilliant show, fantastic acting, very imaginative.”, “Wonderful narrative. LOVED IT!”, “The composition, the Actors, the presentation, the wit. It was truly amazing.”

The Team

Produced by Katy Vanden for Cap-a-Pie                                                                                            Written and Directed by Brad McCormick                                                                                     Performed by Hannah Goudie and Aron de Casmaker

Devised by the company in collaboration with Dr Vivek Nityananda, Newcastle University

Set design by Nina Scott with help from Rachel Owen                                                            Composition by Katie Doherty

Thanks to our Funders

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