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Insect Blog – Post-workshop, day 8

August 21st, 2015




After a couple of false starts brought about by plans changing and the weather being awful, we finally made it outside.  We’re lucky having an office at the Ouseburn Farm where there is lots of greenery to be found and also, by default, real live insects.

We took our participants (all 20 of them, including some repeat customers which is encouraging) to the orchard which is away from the main farm building and a bit more secluded.  It was lovely to be outside in such a big space and we were able to use the distance available to good effect as we watched 

Hannah’s bee buzz around from 50 yards away.  A pond with real dragonflies flying around was a real highlight and there was also an abundance of real bumblebees and honey bees.

The challenges are moving a group of that size around, it takes up a fair bit of time which means you can lose the magic somewhat.

But it wasn’t bad for a first effort.  We’re considering the possibilities of a show that starts inside and then moves outside as it did yesterday.  We bring the group together in a more intimate space, set up some conventions, the audience can ‘meet’ the actors and some characters and then, as a team, we can move outside where the lion’s share of the performance takes place.  We’ll see.

Tomorrow is also an exciting ‘first’ for the Insect Drama Workshops as we are going to try and write some songs that will be sung by a ‘cricket choir’!

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