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Insect Blog – Post Workshop Day 4

August 11th, 2015


Insect Drama Workshops

Insect Drama WorkshopsDid you know that dung beetles use the stars to navigate?

Or that non-toxic butterflies have evolved so their colouring is similar to that of toxic butterflies, therefore warding off potential predators?

I did not know either of these things until yesterday when I was planning today’s workshop with Vivek.  Both are fairly mind-bending facts; facts you’re sure kids would be really psyched about – the challenge is how do you weave these into a workshop in a way that’s clear, engaging and memorable?

I’d been tying myself up in various knots over the past couple of days trying to figure this out.  Katy Vanden,  producer at Cap-a-Pie, came at it with a lot more clarity this morning:

“We’re co-creating the show with Vivek and the kids, so we need to get the kids to understand the science so that they can be creative with it”.

So I guess the upshot of that is perhaps we don’t have to be too clever in our attempts at weaving in facts.  It may be enough to explain the information in a clear and simple way (possibly using drama) and use that as a springboard to create new things with the kids.

I feel like we managed to do that today.  Today, more than any other day, we managed to achieve a good combination of the kids acting, writing and directing with our brilliant actors (Aron and Hannah) while creating various small scenes.  It’s something that I need to refine but we’re getting there.  And during the short end-of-session discussion, it seemed to be that the majority of the participants had learned something new about insects to take away with them.

Tomorrow, we will take all of our characters and attempt to create story.

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