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Insect Blog – Post-workshop, day 2

August 6th, 2015



Photocredit – Dr Vivek Nityananda

It was dragonflies and ladybirds today in the world of insect workshops and the kids we had today got into it with much gusto, smoothly flying around and changing direction as a dragonfly and scuttling about as ladybirds. I slightly changed the methods we used today, just to keep the experimenting going and seeing what might work best. We were also helped along today by having our researcher, Dr Vivek Nityananda in the room, who was incredibly helpful in imparting insect information and helping us with ideas on how each insect moves and behaves.

Another two characters were created out of the session today which we’ll explore a little bit more in tomorrow’s session, adding voice and other characteristics. We’ll also see what happens when our insect characters morph into human versions, whether this could be interesting to an audience and what they could do or say.

Today we also looked into how insects might feel in certain situations. Our participants thought ladybirds might not like wind because they’re so little they might get blown away; and that they might get excited if a bigger ladybird was teaching them how to fly. It’s these kind of insights and leaps of imagination that us grown-ups don’t have the same access to and hearing these has been my favourite part so far of the first two workshops.

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