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“The Cap-a-Pie team are incredible to work with. The process from first meeting to transforming our research into a compelling piece of theatre was marvellous to be a part of.  Cap-a-Pie are great listeners, great fun to work with and highly talented creative practitioners – working with them has been a joy.”

– Suzanne Moffatt, Professor of Social Gerontology, Population Health Sciences Institute, Newcastle University (partner on Credit)

Cap-a-Pie works with academics and researchers so they can connect with people outside universities and help their work to have more impact.

We work in partnership with researchers to make sure we fully understand the research so we can bring it to life.

We enable researchers to engage creatively with lots of different groups, including primary schools, theatre audiences, charities and community groups.

The way we work creates a two-way conversation, allowing researchers to listen to and co-create with communities, as well as sharing knowledge and insight.

We partner with researchers at all stages of their work, from setting a research question to sharing findings.

Our partnership work has contributed towards Impact Case Studies and helped universities and researchers to achieve meaningful and effective Public Engagement.

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“Culture Forum North recognises Cap-a-Pie as an example of excellence in partnership between the arts and higher education sector. Its work with universities not only contributes to essential research on topics fundamental to contemporary society, it enables the dissemination of knowledge for the benefit of communities and young people.”

– Sue Hayton, Co-Chair Culture Forum North and Associate Director, Cultural Institute; Associate Director, Centre for Cultural Value, University of Leeds

“In my view, Cap-a-Pie are one of the leading proponents of using theatre as a medium to partner with Universities.”

– Dr Paul Cowie, (previously) Newcastle University, partner for The Town Meeting

“Cap-a-Pie continue to develop their practice and continue to demonstrate the value of partnership working between artists and researchers working in Higher Education.”

– Mel Whewell, Newcastle University Institute for Creative Arts Practice

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