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Gwilym Lawrence – The Town Meeting is a bit like dropping a Menthos into a bottle of Coke!

April 28th, 2015


The Town Meeting

On the 10th of April at Newcastle’s Northern Stage we welcomed our first audience of strangers into Little Rikjord Community Centre for The Town Meeting. Prior to that, we’d only opened up our picturesque, remote, snowy little town to invited audiences for two work-in-progress showings. It was a moment of excitement and trepidation for all of us.

It’s hard to write in detail about what happened at Northern Stage without including spoilers for future audiences, but it’s fair to say the evening was one of commitment, conflict and – at times – chaos. Passions ran high, unions and factions were formed and broken and, as the stricken townspeople came together, voice was given to a range and breadth of political, social, environmental and economic concerns.

It seemed as though the group – who’d fought through snowy conditions and the media scrum outside to gather together in the Community Centre – found the meeting to be an accessible and all-too-rare platform for airing the feelings of frustration, disenchantment and apathy they experience in daily life.

Performing The Town Meeting is a bit like dropping a Menthos into a bottle of Coke. We’re looking forward to making a mess in Wooler and Sheffield later this week.

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