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Game Theory in ‘Catch-22′

“That’s some catch, that Catch-22.  It’s the best there is.”

In conjunction with the Northern Stage production of ‘Catch-22′, Cap-a-Pie and Newcastle University’s Dr Francis Kiraly devised a fascinating, fun and interactive workshop on ‘Game Theory’.

‘Game Theory’ is a mathematical theory that has a huge presence in not only ‘Catch-22′ but in all of our everyday interactions.  Over the course of an hour, we gave participants an insight into the massive role ‘Game Theory’ plays both in the show and in our own lives.

We began with simple ‘games’ (such as rock, paper, scissors), slowly moving through more complex games and moral dilemmas where participants were actively engaged, working together as well as competing against one another.  And finally we came to ‘Catch-22′ itself, explaining how the perpetual and cyclical nature of the central ‘catch’ can be shown mathematically by using ‘Game Theory’.

A massive thank you to Dr Francis Kiraly for his expertise and knowledge to bring this stimulating workshop to life as well as everyone at Northern Stage for their support.