FAQs for The Other City

What is ‘The Other City?
The Other City is a piece of audio theatre in the form of a podcast. You listen to it through headphones while moving around a city.

Can I listen to it at home, in the car or on the bus/train/ferry?
Technically, yes. But ideally you should listen to it outside in an urban environment.

So not in a rural or suburban area?
Members of the creative team have experienced the show while walking in quiet streets and it still works, but somewhere busier is better. We made the show in collaboration with a researcher who looks at how global and local things come together specifically in cities, so it’s designed to be experienced in a city.

Any particular city you had in mind?
Not at all. You can experience the show anywhere in the world. And we’d love to know where The Other City has been listened to, so please get in touch afterwards and tell us where you are using #TheOtherCity on social media.

Where do I have to go?
The show can be started absolutely anywhere you like. During the podcast itself, where you go is totally up to you.

What sort of experience is The Other City?
The show is quite relaxed and asks you to think and reflect. You won’t need to run anywhere! Some people have said they found it mindful.

How long will it take me?
From start to finish it should take you between 45 and 60 minutes.

Do I have to do it by myself?
Again, that’s up to you but we’d recommend it as in individual experience. That said, we have held events where groups of people start in the same place and then come back together again at the end to share their experience, which worked very well.

Where can I download ‘The Other City’?
‘The Other City’ is available on our website.

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