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Dramatic Enquiry

Dramatic Enquiry ‘An erupting volcano, an island full of people and not enough boats…… A classroom full of senators with a whole host of problems to solve!’

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Suitable for various ages, Dramatic Enquiry has previously sparked significant improvements in pupil’s listening, speaking and thinking skills as they work together. Learners are presented with a problem, to which there is no obvious practical solution. This enables deeper thinking and engagement with core beliefs and values through the formulation of a philosophical question. Skilled facilitation helps to develop reasoning and reflection and provides social and emotional challenges as well as intellectual ones.

Cap-a-Pie are the pioneers of Dramatic Enquiry. This approach is a distinct fusion of two other teaching strategies: Philosophy for Children (P4C) and Drama/Theatre in Education. P4C provides strategies for developing a ‘community of enquiry’ in which learners explore open and genuine questions.

The unique approach of Dramatic Enquiry is to provide theatre-based techniques to allow learners to engage with concepts and philosophical dilemmas from multiple perspectives. It does so by placing them in contexts that challenge their thinking beyond their everyday lives and current levels of experience. Traditional dialogue-based enquiry offers abundant opportunities to contribute to the articulate learner. The Dramatic Enquiry inspires learners to freely express ideas and provides access for a wider range of learners.

We have Dramatic Enquiries set in a variety of contexts, from an island with a volcano problem to a laboratory where an inventor has found the key to ever-lasting happiness. All settings encourage learners to get involved with complex ideas through a blend of philosophy for children and theatre.