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Cakes, Bingo and Memories

October 5th, 2012


Tony at Tyneside Irish Centre

Tony at Tyneside Irish Centre

Cap-a-Pie are an applied theatre company, which means they engage with communities and groups of people using drama as a vehicle. The current project, engaging with Irish immigrants to Tyneside, is as much about the processes that go into making the theatre as the performance itself.

Today we visited the Thursday Club at the Tyneside Irish Centre and met some of the older members of the club. Some of them had arrived in Tyneside as early as 1950, travelling from Ireland to find work in the local industries. We were really grateful they took the time to talk to us about their memories over cake and between bingo!

We found some fantastic characters today that we are going to meet up with again. The performance will be based on their memories and we’re really happy to be working with them to make new theatre.


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