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Blog 3: “you’ll ruin it with bad accents”

October 16th, 2012


Today we have been negotiating the Irish accent. It’s really important for us to try and get the accents right for the performance, especially as the majority of the audience are going to be Irish, who will know straight away if we get it wrong!

None of the actors, or any of us at Cap-a-Pie, are Irish so we had to find someone to help us. Luckily we’re in the Tyneside Irish Centre so help was close at hand. Elaine works in the office and is from Sligo. We need to master a Dublin and a Leitrum accent and Elaine was great a correcting our first attempts and stressing the importance of getting it right, stating “you’ll ruin it with bad accents”.

Gordon, Adam and Christina working on the script

Gordon, Adam and Christina working on the script

We’ve also spent a big part of today working on a scene between young Irish men who came over to work. This scene was inspired by an interview with Michael, who came to England in 1952, with many of the lines taken straight from the interview transcript. In this way we hope to show a world rooted in the memories and stories of the older Irish community living in Tyneside.


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