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The Translator

Think about a time you didn’t understand what was happening around you. Perhaps you didn’t understand the language, or why people were acting a certain way, or perhaps you were just in a meeting that was going way over your head.

The Translator is a dynamic, surprising and humorous examination of how we communicate and who is responsible for making sure we all understand each other.

Gordon Poad plays three generations of the same family.

Under Us All

A one-man theatre production, offers an opportunity to hear stories from three generations of a Tyneside Irish family. A grandfather, father and son’s testimonies explore how industry, family, work and community have changed over the decades. Where their stories touch the shifting attitudes between the generations becomes clear.

Game Theory in Catch 22

That’s some catch, that Catch-22.  It’s the best there is.”

In conjunction with the Northern Stage production of ‘Catch-22′, Cap-a-Pie and Newcastle University’s Dr Francis Kiraly devised a fascinating, fun and interactive workshop on ‘Game Theory’.