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6. Module 1 continued.

2. Simple Poetry Techniques

Background: Making poetry manageable 

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If you told your students they had to write a poem about an historical object they didn’t know anything about, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if they panicked and became disengaged – the exact opposite of what you want to happen. However, this really simple, quick technique can be used to get children to look closely at, think about and ask questions about historical objects whilst creating their own simple poem in the process. Let’s give it a try.

Exercise: I noticed you because…  
Choose one of the following objects:  

Clarke General Biography Box 30 Monson, Newcastle University Special Collections
EWL/3/5, Newcastle University Special Collections
TBB 1/9, Newcastle University Special Collections 

Let’s create a simple poem about your chosen object by following the 5 steps below:  

  1. On the first line write down an adjective to describe the object you are looking at. 
  1. On the second line write down what it is you are looking at (or if you are not sure, write down what you think it might be).
  1. On the third line write down the end of this sentence ‘I noticed you because….’ 
  1. On the fourth line write down a simile about the object. 
  1. On the fifth line, write down a question you have about it.

Then put all of them together and you have your poem! 

You may want to print out and use the ‘Simple Poetry Technique Sheet’ to do this activity. 

Now that you’ve finished, if you’d like to find out more about these objects visit: 


How did you find this exercise? Can you see yourself using this simple poetry technique with your students?