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3. Module 1 – Using objects

In this module you’ll be introduced to some simple but effective strategies which you can use with either real or replica historical objects. 

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Welcome to Module 1 which is all about using historical objects in your teaching. Object-based learning has many benefits: objects provide a good way into a topic – they can spark interest and curiosity, they can motivate and inspire. Objects can be used with all abilities – they don’t require students to have high levels of literacy. Handling and touching real objects encourages active learning.  And finally, objects can be used to develop your students’ observation, investigation, questioning and interpretation skills. In this module you’ll be introduced to 3 techniques you can use to encourage your students to think about and learn from historical objects.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this module you will: 
– Understand how to use Visible Thinking Strategies to encourage your students to explore historical objects.  
– Understand how to use simple poetry techniques to get your students to describe and think about historical objects.
– Understand how to use the 5Ws technique to get students to think about historical objects.