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13. Module 2 continued.

  1. At the end of the activity show the students the image (you could just hold up the one they’ve been coming out to the front of the room to look at or, better still, display a large version on the whiteboard). Get the students to compare their drawing to the original image. How accurate is their recreation of it? Have they missed any key features? 
  1. You could give a prize to the group who has created the most accurate reproduction (letting them know there will be a prize at the start can introduce a healthy competitive element to the activity) and it’s also worth debriefing which strategies each group employed and which ones worked best. 
  1. Now that the students are familiar with the image, you can discuss its key features and get them to ask questions about it. 

You might find it useful to print out the ‘Map from Memory’ instructions sheet to use with a picture or map of your choice. 


Have you used ‘Maps from Memory’ in your teaching before? If not, can you see yourself using this strategy with your students?