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12. Module 2 continued.

  1. Print out the image onto a sheet of paper (minimum A4 size) and put it on a desk at the front of the classroom. 
  1. Divide your students into groups (approximately 5 people per group works well) and give each group a blank sheet of paper and a pencil. 
  1. Get your students to decide who is going to be in charge of drawing and get the others to number themselves 1-4. 
  1. Explain that the aim of the activity is for each group to recreate the image at the front of the classroom as accurately as possible and that the person in charge of drawing will remain at the desk and the other students will take it in turns to come up to the front of the classroom, look at the image for 30 seconds, return to their group and tell the person who is drawing what they must draw and where. Stress that only the person who is in charge of drawing is allowed to draw on the paper. 
  1. Run the activity: Start by calling up all the number 1s and giving them 30 seconds to look at the image, then telling them to return to their group and giving them 1 minute to communicate what they have seen to the person who is drawing. Repeat with the number 2s, 3s and 4s. When everyone has had a chance to see the image once, give the students the opportunity to discuss their strategy going forward (e.g. looking for certain features, looking at certain sections) and then call up each number again at least 3 more times.