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11. Module 2 continued.

2) Maps from Memory 

Background: What are Maps from Memory? 

Creating maps from memory is a fun, engaging activity which encourages students to look closely at images and memorise their key features. As the name suggests, this activity works really well with maps, but can also be used with a wide variety of images. 


It’s rather difficult to replicate this activity in an online format so, rather than getting you to actually do this now, we’ll just explain how it works so that you can try it out in your classroom.    

  1. Select a suitable image. This needs to be an image that you need or want your students to study carefully and to remember. It is important that your chosen image is not too basic or simple – it needs to have enough detail in it that the students won’t be able to memorise it from just one quick look. For example, you could use this map:  
Clarke 1830, Newcastle University Special Collections