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The Other City

A new work in progress show from Cap-a-Pie.

The Other City takes you on a journey into your city. You’ll uncover stories from just around the corner and from the other side of the world.

The show is about the global and the local, and how they come together in cities. Cap-a-Pie has been working with researcher Dr Matt Davies to make the show. Matt’s been looking at how spectacular global events like the Olympics and The World Cup have affected the local experiences of people living in Rio de Janeiro.

Drawing on Matt’s research, Cap-a-Pie will take you out into your city to see it with new eyes. Through this playful, fun and intimate show, you will go on an adventure to find the invisible forces from all over the globe that affect your life.

Audience Feedback

“I really LOVED how mindful the experience was. I also loved watching/observing the city, stepping back from it and taking my own journey which did not involve running from one place to the other”

The Team

Produced by Katy Vanden for Cap-a-Pie                                                                                          Directed by Gwilym Lawrence                                                                                                              Written by Brad McCormick                                                                                                                    Audio by Sean Cotterill                                                                                                                                Co-created with Dr Matt Davies, Newcastle University.

Thanks to our Funders

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