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Letters for Learners

Letters for Learners provided the latest thinking and discoveries from researchers at Newcastle University through letterboxes from Hertfordshire to Northumberland.

In 2015 six academics worked with Cap-a-Pie to compose letters to members of the public inviting them to understand and inform academic research through creative tasks.

The project proved a positive experience for both researchers and recipients. The letters built a close connection between researcher and recipient enabling a deep and personal engagement, whilst the use of creative arts allowed the recipient to gain an in depth understanding of the research. Recipients were excited and motivated to find out about academic research and felt they better understood how research impacted on their lives. Most notably they were very keen to assist the academic with their research and understand how the interaction was ‘useful’.

The Team: 

Letters for Learners

Brad McCormick: facilitator

Dr Michael Richardson: project lead

Dr Eleanor Holmes: writing consultant

Katy Vanden: producer

Letters were written by:

Jayne Carrick, PhD Researcher: School of Marine Science and Technology

Dr Quoc Vuong, Senior Lecturer: Institue of Neuroscience

Kate Stobbart, PhD Researcher: School of Arts and Cultures

Matt Jenkins, PhD Researcher: Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies

Dr Stacy Gillis, Lecturer: School of English Literature, Language & Linguistics

Dr Michael J Richardson, Lecturer in Human Geography: School of Geography, Politics and Society

Funded by:

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