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The Arcadian Civil War

An exciting Dramatic Enquiry project for Key Stage 2. We’ve provided everything you need to deliver the project for your learners READ MORE

Image incorporating Cholera 1831 title

Cholera 1831

New teacher resource pack for Key Stage 2. ‘Cholera 1831’ is based on material from Newcastle University Library’s Special Collections. The pack contains all you need to deliver this project in your classroom. READ MORE

Students performing on stage

The Response

In autumn 2019 Cap-a-Pie worked with pupils from Carville and Chilingham Road Primary Schools. We explored how and why we remember the First World War. READ MORE

Post War Women

The students really enjoyed the experience and learned a lot without realising it. It definitely encouraged a higher level of thinking about voting – probably not something they had given much consideration to before. READ MORE

Women and Leisure During the First World War

This project saw Cap-a-Pie delivering a drama programme for Year 3 pupils at schools in the East of Newcastle. Together we investigated what North East women were doing during the First World War. The pupils then performed a new piece of theatre sharing their findings. READ MORE

Image - what are they like

Barbara Priestman Academy

Cap-a-Pie has been working with Barbara Priestman Academy, Sunderland since 2009, developing innovative approaches to teaching and learning alongside staff and pupils.

In June 2016 Barbara Priestman Academy’s production of What Are They Like? was chosen out of 500 other companies to perform at the National Theatre Connections Festival. READ MORE

Ree Collins in DORA and the Aliens

DORA & the Aliens

DORA & the Aliens  provoked Key Stage 2 pupils to explore the effect of the Defence of the Realm Act (DORA) on people living in the North East of England during the First World War. MORE HERE …

Workshop participants

Performing Research

An innovative collaboration between theatre company Cap-a-Pie and Newcastle University, bringing together the newest ideas with theatre.

Between 2013 and 2017 Cap-a-Pie, alongside Newcastle University, explored how theatre could help researchers do their research differently. We found out that theatre was a powerful way to involve people in academic research. MORE HERE …

Letters for Learners

Letters for Learners

Letters for Learners provided the latest thinking and discoveries from researchers at Newcastle University through letterboxes from Hertfordshire to Northumberland.

In 2015 six researchers worked with Cap-a-Pie to compose letters to members of the public inviting them to understand and inform academic research through creative tasks. MORE HERE …

A Reason to Read

A Reason to Read is an ongoing project between Cap-a-Pie, English Literature students at Newcastle University and Looked after Children from Gateshead, supported and hosted at Northern Stage.

The project brings together young people from diverse backgrounds to explore canonical texts and build relationships and understandings. MORE HERE …