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The Other City

Free audio theatre Cap-a-Pie. Available 2nd April. 

Come and meet the team events: 

2pm, 6th April at Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne.

2pm, 13th April at Theatre Delicatessen, Sheffield.

Open your eyes, really open them and listen.

How often do you really notice the city around you? Cities today are so big, so complex and so busy that our brains have to shut things out just to survive. The Other City invites you to take those blinkers off – to see what we don’t notice, to pay attention to what’s really there.

Take a journey through your city guided by a young woman living in a city on the other side of the world; Rio de Janeiro. As you walk she’ll tell you the story of her city, what living there feels like and how it affects her life. She’ll invite you to imagine life in Rio de Janeiro and to open your own eyes and ears to the city around you.

Thanks to our funders