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Performing ResearchPerforming Research

An innovative collaboration between theatre company Cap-a-Pie and Newcastle University, this project brings together the newest ideas with theatre.

Cap-a-Pie is back with Performing Research at Newcastle University for 2017!

Northern Stage: 7pm, 15 June. Tickets online or call 0191 230 5151.

Upcoming rehearsals for researchers at Newcastle University and interested members of the public: 6.15pm – 9.15pm, 4 May – 15 June.

Sign up online here.

Come and join our group as we explore the latest research ideas through theatre and work towards a performance at Northern Stage.

You really don’t need any theatrical experience. An open mind and a willingness to get involved is all we ask for.

Performing Research offers a series of highly practical, playful and reflective workshops. Cap-a-Pie will lead an exploration into how theatre can create new knowledge and understandings within an academic research context, as well discover how we can turn ideas and explorations into exciting pieces of theatre and innovative engagement projects.

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